Gas Strut Services offers Auckland boat owners a unique combination of manufacturing, installation and maintenance services (including re-gassing). We can repair existing hardware or install new struts on a wide variety of applications including; vessel deck and stair hatches, galley cabinets, engine covers, windscreens, stow-away tables and under-bed stowage.

We use NZ-made Stabilus 316 stainless steel struts, as they have been proven to last over 20 years when correctly installed and maintained. Stabilus struts feature one-piece tubes that eliminate the leakage often found with brands that use swaged ends or pressure-release valves. They can also be re-gassed more successfully than other struts.

Check our regassing page to find out how to replace or regas existing struts on your vessel.

Marine strut servicing

Our team also has exclusive use of Stabilus’ own specialised software. With it, our design team can establish the optimal strut and mounting positions to ensure perfect performance every time, and eliminate any left-over holes!

Getting good results from gas struts requires a sound structure – the repetitive opening and closing cycles place quite high loads on the boat. Whether mounting new struts or re-gassing old struts, it is critical to check several aspects of your hatch.


  • Hinges are securely fastened to deck and hatch
  • Hinges are free of excess play
  • Latches are correctly adjusted to hold closed
  • Attach points are structurally sound and stiff
  • There is adequate clearance around all hatch edges
To install a new strut, we need to know:
  • – Hatch dimensions
  • – Hatch weight (hinged or dead)
  • – Details of the hatch construction
  • – Photos of the boat structure around the hatch
  • – Hinge details

We will design an installation geometry and provide dimensions for the ideal mount points on your hatch. Either your team or our technician (in Auckland) can then install off-the-shelf brackets or fabricate mountings on the vessel.
The final stage is to fine tune the gas pressure until the desired result is achieved. 

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