Our Auckland-based mobile service is available for rapid, efficient response when your company suffers equipment outages. In many cases we can regas or replace on site. Our close relationship with local manufacturer, Stabilus, allows us to custom build struts with short turnaround. We can also help ease maintenance and operator tasks by installing new struts on machinery covers, tensioners and safety guards. Our range includes struts for safety guards featuring failsafe locking tubes, which prevent collapse in the event of gas pressure loss.

industrial conveyor with struts

With increasing OSH requirements for machinery and access hatches, gas struts are an ideal solution for hands-free opening. They do not require an external power source, are mechanically simple, require only occasional maintenance and can last for years when installed correctly.

Custom-built struts are a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to ordering OEM machinery parts. We can match precise dimensions from a simple sample and in most cases, can build bespoke struts in a matter of days; those in the Auckland area can also benefit from on-site re-gassing to achieve optimal performance.

Check our regassing page to find out how to replace existing struts on your machinery.

roof access hatch with gas struts
Installation process
  • 1. Provide Gas Strut Services with the above information
  • 2. Arrange a scoping site visit if required
  • 3. Strut installation is designed
  • 4. Mounting points are approved by client
  • 5. Brackets are designed and approved
  • 6. Custom-built struts and brackets are ordered
  • 7. Hardware and mounting instructions are supplied
  • 8. Installation and assistance are provided as required
  • 9. Gas pressure is adjusted if required
Information requirements
  • Dimensions
  • Weight of moving elements
  • Open and close angles
  • Photos of the general area
  • Hinge details

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