The Gas Strut Services team has a professional background in engineering and visual design – offering our clients the ability to create installations that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

By carefully considering the visual impact of the mounted hardware throughout the design process, we can create a finished look that blends into its environment. Our gas struts are available in two options — standard black steel or brushed stainless steel. Mounting hardware is typically made from stainless steel before being finished to visually integrate with its surrounding structure, for example by rebating into timber, concealing in cavities or painting to match joinery.

hatch in a pool deck

Our design team has exclusive use of the strut manufacturer’s proprietary software (rather than traditional CAD programmes) which lets us optimise mounting geometry and predict the behaviour of the finished installation. We then manufacture bespoke mounting hardware, before working in collaboration with clients’ building teams to ensure the correct fitting.

Whilst appearance is important, safety remains our primary concern. Café-style windows are increasingly popular, but require careful consideration when people are seated underneath them. We will work with you to identify the best way to support your window in the event the struts cannot hold them up.


It is important to note that point loads on modern double-glazed windows can be up to 90kg and that fastener forces are often reversed once gas struts are fitted. Our design team will liaise closely with your technical advisors to create a custom mounting solution that will provide long-term durability.

If you are considering fitting gas struts , you should be aware that the best time to contact us is before your project begins. By working together from the very start of a build, we can factor in those small but important factors that can save a project both time and money, while also creating a superior end result. The process begins by gathering the key information:

Strut installation design
Installation process
  • 1. Provide Gas Strut Services with the required information
  • 2. Arrange a scoping site visit if required
  • 3. Strut installation is designed
  • 4. Mounting points are approved by client
  • 5. Brackets are designed and approved
  • 6. Custom-built struts and brackets are ordered
  • 7. Hardware and mounting instructions are supplied
  • 8. Installation and assistance are provided as required
  • 9. Gas pressure is adjusted if required
Information requirements
  • Dimensions
  • Open and closed positions
  • Wind and rain loads
  • Weight of any moving structure
  • Hinge details
  • Drawings of the sash and reveal or jam structures

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